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Uses of DistanceFunction in data_reduction

Methods in data_reduction with parameters of type DistanceFunction
private static void Rule1.correctValue(DistanceFunction conflictEdge, DistanceFunction nonConflictEdge, int i, int j, int d_i_j, int d_i_l, int d_j_l)
          Check whether the edge i-j occurs as conflict edge or non conflicting edge and count the ocurrences.
private  void Rule1.updateCounterArrs(java.util.Vector<int[]> conflictArrs, DistanceFunction conflictEdge, DistanceFunction nonConflictEdge, DistanceFunction distanceFunction, int i, int j, int correction)

Uses of DistanceFunction in distanceFunction

Methods in distanceFunction with parameters of type DistanceFunction
 int DistanceFunction.distance(DistanceFunction dis)
          Computes the similarity of two distance functions under the l1-norm.
static java.util.Vector<int[]> Conflicts.getAllConflictForEdge(DistanceFunction function, int i, int j)
          Computes all conflicts which contains the edge between i and j.
static java.util.Vector<int[]> Conflicts.iniConflicts(DistanceFunction function)
 void MergeElements.setValue(DistanceFunction function, int j, int value)
 void MergeElements.setValue(DistanceFunction function, MergeElements j, int value)

Constructors in distanceFunction with parameters of type DistanceFunction
DistanceFunction(DistanceFunction function)
          Copy constructor

Uses of DistanceFunction in

Fields in declared as DistanceFunction
private  DistanceFunction GraphWriter.distanceFunction

Methods in with parameters of type DistanceFunction
 void GraphWriter.writeDistanceFunction(java.lang.String filePath, DistanceFunction distance)

Constructors in with parameters of type DistanceFunction
GraphWriter(DistanceFunction distanceFunction, file)

Uses of DistanceFunction in solver

Fields in solver declared as DistanceFunction
private  DistanceFunction HierarchicalClusteringInstance.distance
private  DistanceFunction Status.function

Methods in solver that return DistanceFunction
 DistanceFunction Status.getDistanceFunction()
 DistanceFunction HierarchicalClusteringInstance.getDistanceFunction()
 DistanceFunction Solver.getSolution()
          Returns the solution as distance-function.

Methods in solver with parameters of type DistanceFunction
 void HierarchicalClusteringInstance.setDistanceFunction(DistanceFunction newDistanceFunction)

Constructors in solver with parameters of type DistanceFunction
HierarchicalClusteringInstance(DistanceFunction distance, int maxCorrections)
          Constructs a Hierarchical Clustering instance.
Status(DistanceFunction function, int parameterValue)