Uses of Interface

Packages that use ConflictStorage

Uses of ConflictStorage in distanceFunction

Classes in distanceFunction that implement ConflictStorage
 class ConflictExtender
 class Conflicts
          Store and gives comfortable access to all conflicts of a distance function.

Fields in distanceFunction declared as ConflictStorage
private  ConflictStorage ConflictExtender.extender

Constructors in distanceFunction with parameters of type ConflictStorage
ConflictExtender(ConflictStorage distanceFunction, HierarchicalClusteringInstance instance, int i, int j)
          Constructor for a ConflictExtender which extends another extender.

Uses of ConflictStorage in solver

Methods in solver with parameters of type ConflictStorage
 boolean HierarchicalClusteringSolver.branch(ConflictStorage conflicts, int[] conflict, int indexI, int indexJ, int d_i_j, int d_j_l, int d_i_l, int level)
          Computes a branch, in which the distance d(indexI,indexJ) will be adjusted to solve a conflict.
private  boolean HierarchicalClusteringSolver.solve(ConflictStorage conflicts, int[] con, int level)
          Solves the given distance function with a 3^k search tree algorithm.