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DFG-Project PAWS (NI 369/10): “ Parameterized Algorithmics for Voting Systems”

Project PAWS (DFG Project NI 369/10) started in May 2009.

Project Description

Voting systems play a central role in modern society. Voting scenarios arise whenever the preferences of different parties have to be aggregated to form a joint decision. This is what happens in political elections, group decisions, web site rankings, or multiagent systems. There is a great variety of voting protocols that lead to a rich area of research questions. Questions arising in this area concern the efficient determination of a winner as well as manipulation, control, and lobbying. Many of these problems turn out to be NP-hard. The main goal of this project is the design of parameterized algorithms to efficiently analyze and handle voting systems.


Photo of Nadja Betzler Nadja Betzler
Dipl.-Bioinf., Researcher
Room 3326
Phone: (+49) 3641 9 46325
Photo of Robert Bredereck Robert Bredereck
Dipl.-Inf., Researcher
Room 3325
Phone: (+49) 3641 9 46326

Head: Rolf Niedermeier
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