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DFG Project PABI: Parameterized Algorithmics for Bioinformatics

Project PABI (DFG Project NI 369/7-1) started in October 2007.

Project Description

The project "Parameterized algorithmics for bioinformatics (PABI)" heads at exploring and understanding the reasons for computational intractability (NP-hardness) of a large number of problems in algorithmic bioinformatics. As turned out in recent years, the hardness of these problems can often be attributed to problem-specific parameters. In particular, if these problem parameters are small - and if the seemingly unavoidable combinatorial explosion inherent to the NP-hard problems can be confined to these parameters - then the concept of fixed-parameter tractability may offer an opportunity for efficient (and exact) algorithms despite NP-hardness. This is a joint project with the Chair of Bioinformatics of the Friedrich Schiller University of Jena.


Photo of Christian Komusiewicz Christian Komusiewicz
Dipl.-Bioinf., Researcher
Room 3326
Phone: (+49) 3641 9 46325
Photo of Johannes Uhlmann Johannes Uhlmann
Dipl.-Bioinf., Researcher
Room 3325
Phone: (+49) 3641 9 46326

Head: Rolf Niedermeier
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